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Revamping Estate Planning: How the Powers of Attorney Bill is Changing the Game


The Powers of Attorney Bill currently at the debate stage in parliament, is set to revolutionise the lasting powers of attorney (LPA) landscape by modernising the process of creating, registering, and obtaining certified copies. By streamlining the LPA process, the Bill aims to protect and empower individuals while ensuring their affairs are handled efficiently and securely as part of their estate planning.

Modernising the LPA Process

One of the key objectives of the Powers of Attorney Bill is to simplify the process of obtaining certified copies of LPAs. This includes the introduction of identity verification during registration, streamlining the objection process, and accommodating digital, paper, or mixed LPA formats.

As a result, donors will find it easier to create LPAs while being better protected from abuse. The public will also have better protection from fraud, and the Office of the Public Guardian will run a more streamlined process offering better value for its users. This will enable more individuals to retain control of their lives by planning for their future through wills and trusts, power of attorney for property, and other estate planning tools.

Addressing Inconsistencies

Another important aspect of the Bill is to address a current inconsistency in the regulatory framework that prevents Chartered Legal Executives from certifying copies of powers of attorney. This will align the legal services market with the evolving roles of Chartered Legal Executives and ensure that they can provide a more comprehensive service to their clients.

Improving Safeguards and Processes

The Ministry of Justice and the Office of the Public Guardian are working on a project to modernise LPAs, aiming to increase safeguards, impro

ve processes, and maintain affordability. The project will introduce a digital channel and improve the paper alternative, leading to a safer, simpler service.

The Powers of Attorney Bill is essential for realizing the project's goals. The Bill will allow different methods to make an LPA, ensure only donors can apply for registration, require identity verification, and improve the Office of the Public Guardian's efficiency. This will also impact the overall power of attorney cost, making it more accessible to the public.


The Powers of Attorney Bill is set to bring about significant changes to the lasting powers of attorney process as part of comprehensive estate planning. By modernising the system, it aims to offer better protection for individuals, streamline processes, and ensure that the services provided by legal professionals are comprehensive and up-to-date. The Bill is an important step in ensuring that the LPA process remains accessible, efficient, and secure for all parties involved. To get started with setting up a power of attorney, the experts at Alvechurch Legal can help you through the process, or you can download your free guide here.


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