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Making a Will whilst Self-Isolating

Technology can be a wonderful thing and is making the lives of many people who are currently self-isolating much easier.

We have had quite a few enquiries recently about making or updating a Will and the practicalities involved given the current circumstances. We are now dealing with all Will instructions remotely and all of our offices are closed.

Taking your instructions

Just because we can not meet face to face does not mean we can not “see” our clients. We are happy to chat to you over the phone, via skype, facetime or any of the other apps that are now available. My family particularly like using the Houseparty app to stay in touch!

Once we have talked about what you would like to be included in your Will and confirmed your instructions, we will begin drafting your documents.

A draft Will can then be sent to you via email or in the post for you to check. We will talk you through the content to make sure that you are 100% happy before we arrange to sign your Will.

Once the draft has been agreed we will then send your Will in the post to you, along with of the any other paperwork needed.

Signing your Will

This is the difficult part. The law on how a Will must be signed in England or Wales has not changed since 1837! Therefore, it is not possible for a Will to be signed remotely and your Will must be signed in the physical presence of two independent witnesses. So, we have to be a little creative to ensure that the Will is witnessed properly and that everyone involved in the process remains safe.

We have decided that the best way to get around this is for you to stay inside your home and we will stay outside and watch you sign the Will through the window. Once you have signed it, you can the post it through the letterbox to us outside so that we can sign as witnesses. We can then securely store your Will at our office, we do not charge for storage.

Luckily, the government has said that lawyers involved in the signing of Will are key workers, so we are legally able to travel to your home without getting in trouble.


There is never a good time to write your Will, all you can do is try and be as prepared as possible for whatever life throws at you.

We offer free Will reviews to anyone who wants to double check that their current Will is suitable.

Please get in touch if you want any advice on Wills or Lasting Power of Attorney.

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